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Bought a new camera Panasonic HC-MDH2

Author: Kristian dated 31-01-2018, 22:23, views: 346

Bought a new camera Panasonic HC-MDH2

Well, my dream came true, I bought myself such a video camera. The camera is just a finish, very handy in handling. Already shot a couple of videos with this camera. I'm going to go out of town to the forest, there to shoot, without any nudity and vulgarity. Just wondering how she will behave in nature. The battery holds 8 hours, and on one memory card is placed 5 hours of video of the highest quality.

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Well, now about banana dildo

Author: Kristian dated 20-01-2018, 11:59, views: 414

0 Before the carrot, I sampled a banana in a condom as a self-employed in the ass. But it's too fat for me, he did not even fit in the hole for a centimeter. It was not that it hurts, it hurts. Therefore, after suffering a little banana, I took off his condom and gobbled it up. It was much nicer to eat than to put it in the ass. Video as I put on a condom.

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